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    Master Auto Cad 2D & 3D Training in Bangladesh

    AutoCAD (2D 3D) Course Details

    Best AutoCAD Traning Center In Bangladesh


    AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and mechanical drawing software application. AutoCAD is used across a wide range of construction industries, by architects, project managers, engineers, interior designers, graphic designers, fashion industry, industrial design, town planners and many other professionals.

    AutoCAD users or Designers and drafters use it to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) computer drawings.

    It helps the users to design ideas, visualize the concepts, and simulate the performance of designs in the real world.

    Spectators interested in learning how to use this software can complete coursework to earn a certificate or degree at a higher educational institution.

    Courses that earn continuing education units toward professional development and training are available Unique IT Institute and Some of the Autodesk-authorized training center’s also which are private organizations.

    Successfully completed of these programs may find employment with architectural and design firms, construction businesses or engineering companies also as a freelancer.

    Anyone who wants to learn AutoCAD from scratch or line to professional level

    This course is a full-length AutoCAD learning package which contains almost all of the topics that you will ever need to work with this software. The course is designed for a beginner as well as skilled or matured users.

    A beginner can start learning the software right from line or scratch by following the course along just from lecture one. A matured or seasoned AutoCAD user will also find this course very wide or mass and they can choose the topics or theme they want to learn about skipping the basics.

    This course designs or lessons are mostly projects and most of the tools and commands are taught with their real-world applications. Each module ends with a practical question which is related to the course and students are encouraged to answer the questions before moving forward.

    Unique IT Institute offers an extensive training portfolio and can deliver AutoCAD training in Bangladesh on your own premises with our flexible training platform.

    Businesses investing in CAD training are rewarded not only by increased productivity but in many cases by more innovative designs as the CAD user becomes familiar with the software and start using it as an essential tool as opposed to wasting month trying to learn the software in a busy work environment.

    Training courses in AutoCAD at Unique IT Institute have combined a user-friendly interface, classroom coursework, and some exclusive options to provide a comprehensive training and support tool to students. We give you a hand-on AutoCAD training with added details, simplicity and technical tips to each lesson.

    Unique IT Institute recommends the basic knowledge of products dimensions and knowledge of related industry terminologies. Previous knowledge of any designing of CAD software would be an added advantage.

    Unique IT Institute gives the benefits!

    ► Small classes limited students

    ► Full hands-on training for every student

    ► Most affordable AutoCAD classes

    ► Learn tricks that will separate from the average AutoCAD user

    ► Expert instructor with more experience using & teaching AutoCAD

    ► Courses are taught using the latest AutoCAD version

    ► The course will include a comprehensive guide with step by step directions and a certificate at the end

    ► No hidden fees

    After completing necessary or essential introductory instruction in AutoCAD, students often receive training in intermediate-level AutoCAD skills. These can incorporate or include hatching, dimensioning, cross-references, tables and block attributes. Students can also be introduced to 3D designs and related drafting skills in preparation for advanced AutoCAD training.

    A course in graphics production demonstrates how AutoCAD can be used in illustrator and web design projects. Students learn to use AutoCAD in connection or link with Adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator and Autodesk Impression software.

    Skills incorporate or include correcting photographs, manipulating depth of field and creating special effects. We have vast knowledge and experience in AutoCAD sector.

    We are very much happy to show you the way to build or make your dream freelance or outsourcing career. Join us now and gather all secrets and professional AutoCAD techniques that you need only for your career.

    Course Fee and Schedules

    Course Fee: BDT 20000
    Special Offer: BDT 14000
    Course Duration: 1.5 Months
    Total Class: 16
    Batch No- "AutoCad-70" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-05
    Week Days: Sat,Mon,Wed
    Class Time: 06 PM To 7:30 PM
    Total Seat: 05
    Batch No- "AutoCad-71" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-20
    Week Days: Sun,Tue,Thu
    Class Time: 7:40 PM To 8:50 PM
    Total Seat: 10

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    Course Outline of AutoCAD (2D 3D)

  • ►What is the CAD and AutoCAD?
  • –Understanding CAD system
  • -Introduce with AutoCAD, Starting
  • –AutoCAD, Free hand drawing practice by using commands
  • –Pan draw your drawing as like as in a graph paper-F7(grid),
  • –F9(snap).Draw different type of graph-Using:
  • GRID SNAP, draw
  • –building or other graphical art or organ gram layout Introduce with
  • –Tolbar.
  • ►In this class we will draw all the geometrical
  • –shapes/drawing. Point
  • –Line, Zline, Ray, spline, Circle
  • –Arc, Ellipse, Elliptical Arc. Rectangle
  • –Polygon, Solid, Donut, Pauline
  • ►Learn how to draw you drawing in AutoCAD using Co-ordinate system.
  • –Leering and practicing rectangular
  • –polar co-ordinate system.
  • ►Learning and practising Editing Command: Copy, Move, Rotate, Trim
  • ►Learn to prepare working space.
  • –Learn about drafting setting. Design project set up.
  • ►Learning and practicing editing command: chamfer, fillet
  • – Break at point, array, mirror
  • ►Starting technique for different types of drawings like: Engineering and
  • –Architectural Practical drawings.
  • ►Add text and HATCH in your drawing.
  • –text, mtext, text styles, text editing
  • ►Learning and Practicing Object Properties: LAYER, COLOR,LINETYPE,LINE
  • – TYPE SCALE Modify your drawing and add utilities in different
  • –layer, color and line type.
  • ►Object
  • –Rouping:block,wblock,blockediting.
  • –cut, copy ,pest, explode, measure and divide.
  • ►Projects with layer, color, line type, text, hash
  • – title block template for an organization.
  • ►Inquiry commands: List, distance.
  • –ID/Locate point, Area.
  • –Calculate area any kind of drawing using area and subtract.
  • ►Add dimension in your drawing and use different style dimension
  • –variable and dimension editing.
  • –open the exiting drawing and dimension..
  • ►Reviews and covering the gaps and complete the assignments’
  • ►View port, pear space and model space.
  • –layout setup, scale and paper size.
  • –Plotting & Printing for various way.
  • ►Written and practical exam
  • ►Reviews All Class
  • ►Class End