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    Wordpress Theme Development Course in Bangladesh

    Wordpress Theme Development Course Details

    Wordpress Theme Development Traning Center in Bangladesh


    Wordpress theme development is related to create a custom Wordpress theme. It is quite user-friendly. Creation of a custom Wordpress theme is really an easy job if you have the knowledge about Wordpress theme development.

    Advanced Wordpress Training will make you more capable to handle any type of Wordpress theme. You can easily create and develop a custom WordPress theme from a scratch after learning WordPress theme development step by step.

    You will also be able to use the theme in any type of website and in the way you want. Because of the growing demand of WordPress based website, Wordpress development course has been available.

    To fill up the growing demand, Unique IT, a renowned IT institute, has been offering the WordPress theme development course in Bangladesh. If you want to learn more about it, you can have a look at our Wordpress theme development course outline below.

    Our unique IT institute provides training from beginning to the advanced level. Many of our students are already working in different IT farms as a successful Wordpress theme developer. We have a good number of expert and experienced trainers who teach Wordpress Theme Development course to our students.

    In our institute, you will have the complete opportunity to learn how to create a prototype of a theme and how to develop it. You will also learn how to install Wordpress about its set up. A Wordpress theme developer knows where and how the contents and blogs should be used so that it looks perfect.

    Besides we also provide a full concept to our students about the theme structure and template structure of Wordpress. After these, you need to learn about different plug-in and the ways to protect your website from hazard. We teach these issues too.

    In short, we provide a full concept about template structure, its development, modification, and use of files in an appropriate place of a website. In this course, you will learn:

    Wordpress Theme Development course outline

    ·         Creating theme from a scratch

    ·         Developing the WordPress custom theme

    ·         Installing WordPress

    ·         Different Plugin of WordPress

    ·         Modification of theme

    ·         Proper concept template creation

    ·         Wordpress Set up

    ·         Content, blog, file placement

    Why we should be your first choice:

    • Effective training with reasonable fee
    • Course fee can be paid through an installment
    • Life time theoretical and practical help
    • 24/7 online and offline active help
    • Proper learning environment
    • Flexible time schedule
    • Career build up guidelines
    • 100% profile completion
    • Introducing to local and international marketplaces
    • Course duration is extended if anyone fails to complete the course
    • Expert trainers
    • Extra focus to the weaker students

    Job Market

    So, contract with us for getting a successful IT career.

    Course Fee and Schedules

    Course Fee: BDT 22857
    Special Offer: BDT 16000
    Course Duration: 2 Months
    Total Class: 24
    Batch No- "WTD-44" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-10
    Week Days: Sat,Mon,Wed
    Class Time: 6 :30 PM
    Total Seat: 04
    Batch No- "WTD-45" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-20
    Week Days: Sun,Tue, Thu
    Class Time: 4:00 Pm To 5:30 Pm
    Total Seat: 10

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    Course Outline of Wordpress Theme Development