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    Outsourcing is now a very popular term all around the world. People are earning money through outsourcing and freelancing. Freelancing and outsourcing are not similar. When an organization does its work by others from outside is called outsourcing and the person who does the work by himself is a freelancer.

    There a number of freelancing sites available all around the world like Freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. For this, people are looking for outsourcing training. As a result, the demand for outsourcing institute is increasing.

    Bangladesh has also developed some outsourcing training center to make people well trained. Most of the freelancing institutes are in the capital Dhaka.

    Freelancing in bangladesh is becoming more popular every day. After completing the freelancing course, freelancers are working in the local marketplace as well as international online marketplaces.

    The main cause of its popularity is that it’s free. People can do this after their office or returning from college and university. People can convert their time into income through freelancing and outsourcing.

    The young generation is tending towards this profession mostly to build their career. They can make money through freelancing and outsourcing without investment!! So, the question of how to earn money online in Bangladesh can easily be answered.

    To be a successful freelancer, one needs to have freelancing training from any IT Training center available nearby. However many people have become successful in doing outsourcing in Bangladesh.

    Bangladeshi freelancers are doing a number of works of foreign buyers every day. Buyers from any part of the world can order a project in the online marketplace and then freelancers summit their request to complete the project.

    So the buyers and freelancers are getting the opportunity to meet their demands easily. Because of this, competition is growing day by day.

    As the world scenario has been changed, the form of doing work has also been changed. Different companies are continuously hiring freelancers for doing their projects. Outsourcing provides the opportunity to do any work with less cost and in due time.

    Most of the American and European companies are completing their works by the freelancers from any part of the world. In this virtual world, everything is done still staying at home with the help of technology.

    For freelancing and outsourcing, none needs to go outside as this job can easily be done just having a computer with an internet connection. Another thing is that the freelancers are growing rapidly throughout the world and so the chance of getting orders is also becoming more competitive.

    In this case, there is no alternative for good training and proper guidelines. One can contact with a well-known freelancing institute for training. If you can master the skill, you will get your required jobs easily. So be a skillful freelancer for earning money online in Bangladesh.

    What jobs are available for freelancing?

    People may ask about the type of jobs available for freelancing and outsourcing. Actually, the Freelancing marketplace has been developed for doing all sorts of work. In these marketplaces, different jobs are available like-

    ▶️Graphics Design, ▶️Web design and Development, ▶️Wordpress Theme Development, ▶️Internet Marketing, ▶️3D Studio Max ▶️Presentation, ▶️WordPress Customization, ▶️Cartoon painting, ▶️Android App Development, ▶️iOS Apps Development

    ▶️Telemarketing, ▶️Interior design, ▶️photography, ▶️AutoCAD, ▶️Programming, ▶️translation broadcasting, ▶️videography ▶️Music, ▶️Finance and accounting, ▶️Video editing etc.

    To be a skilled freelancer, you need to learn these jobs and necessary guidelines. In Bangladesh, our institute is providing the service to make you a successful freelancer.

    So you may prefer us as we are providing this service for 15 years. Our expert trainers will perform the duty to make you a successful freelancer.

    Contact our Unique IT institute for details info...

    Here you may know the followings:

    ➡️What are freelancing and outsourcing?

    ➡️How to start earning money online?

    ➡️Which sector is best for starting?

    ➡️What is graphic design?

    ➡️How to freelancing by graphic design?

    ➡️Where jobs are available?

    ➡️How to build your freelancing career?

    ➡️And other questions that you want to know.

    Here you can have training from us:-

    Office Professional Course

    Creative Graphics Design

    Web design and development

    Wordpress Theme Development

    ◄ SEO (search engine optimization)

    Autocad (2D, 3D)

    3D Studio Max

    Android App Development

    iOS Apps Development

    Video Editing and Sound

    Affiliate Marketing

    Professional Web Design

    Responsive Web Design

    WordPress Customization


    Here you will get the privileges from us:

    ☑️Opportunity to earn money within one month.

    ☑️Reasonable fees for the course

    ☑️Payment through installment

    ☑️Chances to be a shareholder of an ongoing project from us

    ☑️Training can be continued even after the deadline of the course if one fails to master the skill

    ☑️How to complete profile and portfolio.

    ☑️Secret tips for getting the order

    ☑️24/7 online and offline help facility

    ☑️Video class modules are provided

    ☑️Expert trainers

    ☑️Learning environment

    We do not publish anything for advertisement. We believe our students are our advertisements. After taking training from us, many students are working in different marketplaces with complete success. We do not focus on earning rather we think it’s our duty to make people self-reliant!!!

    Our Address:

    Unique IT institute

    House #27,Road #05,Block #C

    Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka-1219

    Contact no: +8801722007005

    Course Fee and Schedules

    Course Fee: BDT 21430
    Special Offer: BDT 15000
    Course Duration: 2 Month
    Total Class: 18
    Batch No- "Outsourcing-201" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-10
    Week Days: Sat,Mon,Wed
    Class Time: 2:30 PM
    Total Seat: 05
    Batch No- "Outsourcing-202" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-15
    Week Days: Sun,Tue,Thu
    Class Time: 03:30 PM
    Total Seat: 09

    HotLine: +8801722-007005

    Course Outline of Online Outsourcing Course

  • ►Creating Id for Outsourcing Marketplace.
  • Create a new Gmail id
  • –Face book id create
  • –LinkedIn id
  • –Freelancer Id create
  • ►Discussion on Outsourcing Marketplace.
  • –About website
  • –Describe the hourly, bid and contest
  • –Describe Overview
  • –About industry type
  • ►Working category
  • –On Graphics Design
  • ►Colour combination
  • –Match Color according to industry.
  • ►Font Matching For Industry
  • –Font matching
  • –Creating design through multiple fonts.
  • ►How to make a unique design concept?
  • –How to collects logos?
  • ►Creating a new Profile?
  • –designhill
  • ►Creating a new Profile?
  • –designcontest
  • –designcrowed
  • ►Final file processing.
  • –File format
  • –Agreement page
  • –How to create links of file for drop box?
  • ►Dollar Transaction
  • –How to withdraw dollar?
  • –Skrill Account
  • –Payoneer Account
  • ►Revision(All Class)
  • ►Revision(All Class)