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    Graphic Design Training

    Creative Graphic Design Course

    Guaranteed to Earn in a Month Running in Graphic Design Course!!!

     বাংলায় দেখতে চাইলে for bangla

    Graphic design has earned a new form after the development of modern technology. Designers possess the special quality of bringing one’s imagination into reality. Graphic design is nothing new. Graphic design and reflection of one’s imagination are the two parts of the same coin. One’s imagination comes to reality through very design. A creative design obtains a sphere of our mind.

    Design helps to create a long term effect on the horizon of one’s mind. However, it’s not easy to produce a unique and eye-catching design in one sitting. To do this, one requires continuous practice and a consistent mindset regarding the work. Best graphic design can only be possible if the designer is creative and well trained.

    For this, one must have graphic design training from a well-trained designer. Besides he/she may have training on graphic design course from a reputed graphic design training center like Unique IT Outsourcing Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    All most all the countries are now familiar with the ways of getting graphic design training from online as well as offline graphic design institutes. Like other countries, Bangladesh has developed the field of freelancing training.

    Unique IT institute is one of the best graphic design training centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Unique IT institute has already trained a huge number of freelancers! Truly speaking, the outsourcing training institutes like the unique IT Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh are producing the most creative and productive designers.

    Most of the training institutions are in the capital of the country i.e. Dhaka. The demand for graphic designers is on the increase.
    The designers who have taken training on graphic design from Unique IT Outsourcing in Bangladesh are now working both in and outside the country. They work in world-class freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, Designhill, etc.

    This online job opportunity has opened a new dimension of earning foreign currency for Bangladesh. The well trained graphic designers of Unique IT Institute can design logo, flyer, poster, banner, business card, letterhead, invitation card, birthday celebration card, and all things that are related to graphic design.

    Graphic designing job is available in local as well as freelance marketplaces. A person who needs a design service can easily find a graphic designer from a local market like or from an online app-based freelancing service like Upwork and Fiverr, 99designs, Designhill.

    After taking training from Unique IT Institute, Beginner to advanced level graphic designers can find a better opportunity to earn their livings. In fact, Unique IT Institute has trained many people who have chosen graphic design as their profession and becoming successful in their mission.

    Some people are working in this field as a part-time designer and some areas full-time. Students and homemakers can also do this design to make their time meaningful. Design service is necessary for a brand company or any other service center. Consequently, the demand of high-skilled graphic design service providers is on the increase.

    Required Software:


    🔀Adobe Photoshop (All Version)
    🔀Adobe Illustrator (All Version)


    Our Course plan


    ▶️  Basic idea of Graphic Design   ▶️ Software introduction (Photoshop & Illustrator)

    ▶️  Introduction of tools              ▶️ Concept and background of design ▶️ Photo edition with Photoshop

    ▶️ Methods of Visualization ▶️ Introduction of Illustrator ▶️ Effective color matching

    ▶️ Difference between Photoshop and Illustrator▶️ Introduction of online job markets

    ▶️ T-shirt design ▶️ Logo design, Brochure, poster design, invitation card, etc.

    ▶️ Photo editing ▶️ Principles of Graphic Design ▶️ Managing software and tools

    ▶️ Modification Technique ▶️ Text design technique ▶️ Minimalist logo design

    ▶️ Business Card Design ▶️ Flyer Design ▶️ Web Template design ▶️ Brochure Design

    ▶️ Background changing ▶️ Introducing the local job market ▶️ Freelancing Guideline

    ▶️ Outsourcing Marketplace ▶️ Logo varieties ▶️ Logo through tex

    ▶️ Logo for different industries ▶️ Banner Design ▶️ Stationery Design

    ▶️ Brochure Design ▶️ Book Cover Design ▶️ Design for advertisement

    ▶️ T-Shirt Design ▶️ Product Packaging Design


    Unique IT Institute trains not for financial output. Rather it trains people to be skilled self-reliant. Unique IT Freelancing in Bangladesh is providing quality training to produce high standard graphic designers. This institute also teaches in such a way that the students do not feel any difficulty to master the design technique.

    Unique IT Outsourcing Institute also provides career support to its students. Its service is so qualitative that the students in Dhaka keep it at their first choice to materialize their dream of becoming a skilled designer.

    Here you can get privileges from us:

    ➡️Outsourcing-freelancing guidelines

    ➡️Getting job opportunity within one month

    ➡️Course fee payment is flexible

    ➡️Training can be continued if you are not an expert in due time

    ➡️Lifetime help to build your career

    ➡️Secret tips for getting the order

    ➡️24/7 online messenger chatting help

    ➡️Creating a unique portfolio

    ➡️Submitting jobs in international marketplaces

    ➡️How to deal with buyers

    ➡️How to withdraw money through MasterCard, Payoneer, and online banking.

    If you need any information about graphic design course with Outsourcing & Freelancing you can message us & give your 📱Phone Number on our Live Chat we will call you & try to give you more information about what do you want! 


     Teacher introduction

    More than 5 years of diversified experience in Graphics Designing with successful certification of Professional Training in Graphics Design, Diploma In Engineering(Department of Computer), and BSc In Computer Science and Engineering. Also specially skilled in Vector art.

    Teaching Graphic Design Course scince 1 year and rest of the time work as Graphic Designer in two different organization.

    I'm passionate about my work, Creative, Dreamer, and also aware of social responsibility.

    Rifat Shahriar

    Office Application - Trainer

     Instructor Rating 4.80
     Total Courses: 55
     Total Rating: 5
     Total Students: 160

    Course Fee and Schedules

    Course Fee: BDT 28570
    Special Offer: BDT 17850
    Course Duration: 3 Months
    Total Class: 24
    Batch No- "CGD-218" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-01-20
    Week Days: Sat,Mon
    Class Time: 10 Am -11.30 Am, 11.30 Am-1 Pm (online class) 2.30 Pm- 4 Pm,6.30 Pm-8.00 Pm
    Total Seat: 03
    Batch No- "CGD-219" Schedule
    Star Date: 2022-01-25
    Week Days: Sun,Thu, Tue,Wed
    Class Time: 10 Am -11.30 Am, 11.30 Am-1 Pm, 2.30 Pm- 4 Pm, 4 Pm-5.30 Pm
    Total Seat: 07

    HotLine: +8801722-007005

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    Course Outline of Creative Graphic Design

  • ►Information About Graphics Designing
  • –What is Graphics Design?
  • –What is Pixel and Resolution?
  • –Interface Introduction of Photoshop.
  • –Create a New Document and a New Layer.
  • –Measurement and Color Mode (RGB, CMYK).
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Move tool
  • –Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee tool.
  • –Single Row and Single Column Marquee tool.
  • –Foreground and Background Color.
  • –Paint Bucket and Eraser Tool.
  • –Create Our National Flag.
  • –Lasso, Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso tool.
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool.
  • –Eye Doper and Color Sampler tool.
  • –Ruler, Note and Count tool.
  • –Background Eraser and Magic Eraser tool.
  • –Layer Customization (delete, group, solid color).
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Spot Healing Brush and Healing Brush tool.
  • –Patch, Content Aware Move and Red Eye tool.
  • –Blur, Sharpen and Smudge tool.
  • –Dodge, Burn and Sponge tool.
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Brush and Pencil tool.
  • –Color Replacement and Color Mixer tool.
  • –Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp tool.
  • –History Brush and Art History Brush tool.
  • –Crop and Perspective Crop tool.
  • –Slice and Slice Select tool.
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Pen and Freeform Pen tool.
  • –Add Anchor, Delete Anchor and Convert point tool.
  • –Direct Selection and Path Selection tool.
  • –Shape Re-create and Background Removing.
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Pen tool.
  • –Rectangle and Rounded Rectangle tool.
  • –Ellipse, Polygonal, Line and Custom Shape tool.
  • –Fill Color and Stroke Color.
  • –Gradient tool.
  • –Type tool – Character and Paragraph.
  • ►Tools of Photoshop
  • –Hand, Rotate View and Zoom tool.
  • –Layer Style (Raster, Smart Object, Shape, Text).
  • –Image (Mode, Adjustment and Canvas Size.
  • ►Review
  • –Blanding Option.
  • –Filter.
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Image Editing and Manipulation.
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Landscape or Scenery Design.
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Business Card (measurement, design, font, image).
  • ►Photoshop
  • –ID Card Design (measurement, design, font, image).
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Letterhead (measurement, design, font, image).
  • ►Photoshop
  • –CV / Resume (measurement, design, font, image).
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Flyer Design (measurement, design, font, image).
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Web Template (measurement, design, font, image).
  • ►Photoshop
  • –Mockup your Own design.
  • ►Examination of Photoshop
  • –Another Review.
  • –Exam for Photoshop.
  • ►Introduction of Illustrator
  • –What is Raster and Vector?
  • –Difference Between Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • –Create a New Page for printing document.
  • –Name of Similar tool in Photoshop.
  • ––Selection and Direct Selection tool.
  • ––Magic Wand and Lasso tool.
  • ––Pen and Type tool.
  • ––Rectangle and Rounded Rectangle tool.
  • ––Ellipse, Polygon and Star.
  • ––Slice and Slice Selection tool
  • ––And others.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Line Segment, Arc and Spiral tool.
  • –Rectangular Grid and Polar Grid tool.
  • –Paint brush, Pencil, Smooth and Path Eraser tool.
  • –Blob brush, Eraser, Scissors, and Knife tool.
  • –Rotate and Reflect tool.
  • –Scale, Shear and Re-shape tool.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Width, Warp, Twirl, Pucker tool.
  • –Bloat, Scallop, Crystalize, Wrinkle tool.
  • –Free Transform tool.
  • –Shape builder, Live Paint bucket and Selection tool.
  • –Perspective grid and Perspective Selection tool.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Mash tool.
  • –Gradient and Blend tool.
  • –Symbol - Sprayer, Shifter, Scruncher, Sizer, Spinner, Stainer, Screener and Styler tool.
  • –Graph tool - Column graph, Stacked column, Bar, Stack Bar, Line, Area, Scatter, Pie, Radar graph tool.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Artboard tool. Print tile tool.
  • –Object – Expand, Path, Bland, Image Trace, Text Wrap.
  • –Effect – 3D, Convert to Shape, Crop Mark, Transform, Stylize, Warp.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Business Card.
  • –ID Card Design.
  • –Recourse Collection.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Letterhead.
  • –CV / Resume.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Flyer Design.
  • –Design Inspiration.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Banner Design
  • ––Web, Ad banner.
  • ––Social media banner (FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Banner Design
  • ––Print banner.
  • ––Festoons / Posters.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Book Cover.
  • –T-shirt.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Brochure Design (Bi-fold, Tri-Fold).
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Logo Remake.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –7 Types of LOGO (4 in details).
  • –Idea Generation for design.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Abstract Mark.
  • –Letter Mark.
  • –Word Mark.
  • –Pictorial Mark.
  • ►Illustrator
  • –Combination Mark.
  • –Mascot Logo.
  • –Emblem Logo.
  • ►Last Class
  • –Examination of illustrator
  • –Brief about Design Concept, Marketplace.
  • –Next Course (Freelancing).
  • –End.
  • Why choose Unique IT

    Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services
    Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services