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    Responsive Web Design Training In Bangladesh

    Responsive Web Design Course Details

    Responsive Web Design Course in Dhaka

    People around the world are getting and providing services using different types of website. That’s why the idea of website and web design is becoming more popular day by day. Responsive web design refers to the web Design that makes websites accessible to all kind of devices.

    It helps to create a unique website that will work on every device and all kinds of screen size will suit it. The concept of responsive web design has already become familiar to all. It is important to make a website friendly to all kind of devices like computer, laptop, mobile, Tab, etc.

    People can have access to this kind of websites using any type of device. Because of this facility, a good number of audiences get the opportunity to visit the website. It is helpful to generate traffic on your website.

    As responsive web design helps to create device friendly, its demand is on the increase. People are showing interest in learning responsive web design. It is also easier to learn than professional web design and development. For this, different IT institutes have been founded to offer responsive web design course.

    UiqueIT institute is a well known IT institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have been providing IT training course in different fields for 15 years. We are offering web design course in Dhaka.

    Our vision is to empower Bangladesh with IT knowledge. Starting with a responsive web design can be a good decision for you. we have a good number of expert responsive web design trainers in our institute. The trainers train the students in such a way that the learners feel comfort to master the skill.

    To build a career as a responsive web designer, one must develop the required skill. In this case, one can have training on web design course. Our unique IT institute is also providing the course responsive web design in Dhaka zone.

    We train our students in a systematic way with reasonable course fees. We have developed a web design course syllabus for the students. They can see the topics that they will learn from the course.

    After the completion of training, we will help the students to get jobs from freelancing sites and from local marketplaces. They will learn about freelancing and outsourcing after developing their skill in responsive web design.

    If anyone wants to develop his career as a freelancer, he may target responsive web design course to build his career. We will always be helpful to make your dream true.

    Students after training from our institute have been successful to build their career as a freelancer. You may become another successful member of our unique IT institute. So why should you late? Look at the course details and privileges below:

    Responsive web Design Course Syllabus:

    • HTMLS
    • CSS3
    • Java script
    • Jquery
    • PSD to CSS and vice versa
    • PSD to HTML and vice versa
    • cPanal controlling
    • Freelancing and outsourcing
    • HTML layout creation
    • Multipage website making
    • PSD creation to Responsive Design
    • Able to apply media queries and breakpoints.
    • Landing Page creation.
    • E-commerce website creation.
    • customization of Full Theme
    • Customization of Full Theme
      Job Market
    • Fiverr
    • Upwork
    • Freelancer
    • Envato Market
    • Outsourcing agency and local market places etc       

    Privileges from our Institute:

    • Reasonable course fees
    • Fees can be provided through installment
    • Expert trainers
    • Flexible time schedule for students
    • Online and offline help for24/7.
    • Video on class topic is provided
    • Free outsourcing and freelancing training
    • Creating 100% complete profile
    • Course will be continued if any student fails to learn the skill during the course.

    After completing the course of Responsive Web Design, Our students will become a certified web designer and can earn through freelancing. They must become professional in HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and WordPress.

    Our students are very successful in their professional life and they are earning money from different kinds of outsourcing marketplaces. So contact us for building your best future.

    Course Fee and Schedules

    Course Fee: BDT 21430
    Special Offer: BDT 15000
    Course Duration: 2 Months
    Total Class: 20
    Batch No- "R-WEB-56" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-05
    Week Days: Sat,Mon,Wed
    Class Time: 09:30 PM
    Total Seat: 06
    Batch No- "R-WEB-57" Schedule
    Star Date: 2021-04-20
    Week Days: Sun,Tue, Thu
    Class Time: 4:30 PM
    Total Seat: 10

    HotLine: +8801722-007005

    Course Outline of Responsive Web Design

  • -HTML Introduction
  • -What is HTML?
  • -A Simple HTML Document
  • -HTML Tags
  • -Web Browsers
  • -HTML Page Structure
  • -The Declaration
  • -HTML Versions
  • -HTML Editors
  • -Write Some HTML
  • -Save the HTML Page
  • -View the HTML Page in Your Browser
  • -HTML Documents
  • -HTML Headings
  • -HTML Paragraphs
  • -HTML Links
  • -HTML Images
  • -HTML Buttons
  • -HTML Lists
  • -HTML Elements
  • -HTML Attributes
  • -The href Attribute
  • -The src Attribute
  • -The width and height Attributes
  • -The alt Attribute
  • -The style Attribute
  • -The lang Attribute
  • -The title Attribute
  • -Use Lowercase Attributes
  • -Quote Attribute Values
  • -HTML Headings
  • -Bigger Headings
  • -HTML Horizontal Rules
  • -The HTML Element
  • -View HTML Source Code
  • -Inspect an HTML Element
  • -HTML Paragraphs
  • -HTML Line Breaks
  • -The Poem Problem
  • -HTML Styles
  • -The HTML Style Attribute
  • -HTML Background Color
  • -HTML Text Color
  • -HTML Fonts
  • -HTML Text Size
  • -HTML Text Alignment
  • -HTML Formatting Elements
  • -HTML Quotation and Citation Elements
  • -HTML Comments
  • -HTML Colors
  • -Background Color
  • -Text Color
  • -Color Values
  • -HTML Links
  • -HTML Links - Syntax
  • -Local Links
  • -HTML Links - The target Attribute
  • -HTML Links - Image as Link
  • -HTML Images
  • -HTML Images Syntax
  • -Image Size - Width and Height
  • -Images in Another Folder
  • -Images on Another Server
  • -Image as a Link
  • -Image Floating
  • -Background Image
  • -HTML Tables
  • -Defining an HTML Table
  • -HTML Table - Adding a Border
  • -HTML Table - Collapsed Borders
  • -HTML Table - Adding Cell Padding
  • -HTML Table - Left-align Headings
  • -HTML Table - Adding Border Spacing
  • -HTML Table - Cells that Span Many Columns
  • -HTML Table - Cells that Span Many Rows
  • -HTML Table - Adding a Caption
  • -HTML Lists
  • -Unordered HTML List
  • -Unordered HTML List - Choose List Item Marker
  • -Ordered HTML List
  • Ordered HTML List - The Type Attribute
  • -Numbers, Uppercase Letters
  • -Lowercase Letters, Uppercase Roman
  • -Numbers, Lowercase Roman Numbers, Control List Counting
  • -HTML Block and Inline Elements
  • -HTML Forms
  • -The Method Attribute, When to Use GET?
  • -When to Use POST?
  • -The Name Attribute
  • -The -select- Element
  • -The –text area- Element
  • -Input Type Text
  • -Input Type Password
  • -Input Type Submit
  • -Input Type Radio
  • -Input Type Checkbox
  • -Input Type Color
  • -Input Type Date
  • -Input Type Date time-local
  • -Input Type Email
  • -Input Type File
  • -Input Type Month
  • -Input Type Number
  • -The HTML
  • -The HTML
  • -HTML YouTube Videos
  • -Project & Exam
  • -CSS Introduction
  • -What is CSS?
  • -Why use CSS?
  • -CSS Syntax and Selectors
  • -The id Selector
  • -The class Selector
  • -CSS Comments
  • -Three Ways to Insert CSS
  • -External Style Sheet
  • -Internal Style Sheet
  • -Inline Styles
  • -Multiple Style Sheets
  • -CSS Colors
  • -Color Names
  • -Background Color
  • -Text Color
  • -Border Color
  • -Color Values
  • -RGB Value
  • -HEX Value
  • -CSS Backgrounds
  • -background-color
  • -background-image
  • -background-repeat
  • -background-attachment
  • -background-position
  • -CSS Borders
  • -Border Style
  • -Border Color
  • -Border-Individual Sides
  • -Left Border
  • -Bottom Border
  • -Rounded Borders
  • -CSS Margins
  • -Margin-Individual Sides
  • -Margin-Shorthand Property
  • -The auto Value
  • -The inherit Value
  • -Margin Collapse
  • -CSS Padding
  • -Padding-Individual Sides
  • -Padding-Shorthand Property
  • -Padding and Element Width
  • -CSS Height and Width
  • -Setting height and width
  • -CSS Box Model
  • -CSS Text
  • -Text Color
  • -Text Alignment
  • -Text Decoration
  • -Text Transformation
  • -Text Indentation
  • -Letter Spacing
  • -Line Height
  • -Text Direction
  • -Word Spacing
  • -Text Shadow
  • -CSS Fonts
  • -Font Family
  • -Font Style
  • -Font Size
  • -Set Font Size With Pixels
  • -Set Font Size With Em
  • -Set Font Size With Em
  • -Font Weight
  • -Responsive Font Size
  • -CSS Icons
  • -CSS Links
  • -Styling Links
  • -Text Decoration
  • -Background Color
  • -CSS Lists
  • -Unordered Lists
  • -Ordered Lists
  • -CSS Tables
  • -Table Borders
  • -Collapse Table Borders
  • -Table Width and Height
  • -Horizontal Alignment
  • -Vertical Alignment
  • -Table Padding
  • -Horizontal Dividers
  • -Hover able Table
  • -Striped Tables
  • -Table Color
  • -Responsive Table
  • -CSS Layout
  • -CSS position
  • -CSS Overflow
  • -CSS Navigation Bar
  • -CSS Image Gallery
  • -CSS Forms
  • -CSS Shadow Effects
  • -Project & Exam
  • -JS HOME
  • -JS Introduction
  • -JS Where To
  • -JS Output
  • -JS Statements
  • -JS Syntax
  • -JS Comments
  • -JS Variables
  • -JS Operators
  • -JS Arithmetic
  • -JS Assignment
  • -JS Data Types
  • -JS Function
  • -JavaScript Form Validation
  • -Project & Exam
  • -BS HOME
  • -BS Get Started
  • -BS Grid Basic
  • -BS Typography
  • -BS Tables
  • -BS Images
  • -BS Jumbotron
  • -BS Wells
  • -BS Alerts
  • -BS Buttons
  • -BS Button Groups
  • -BS Glyph icons
  • -BS Badges/Labels
  • -BS Progress Bars
  • -BS Pagination
  • -Project & Exam
  • -BS Pager
  • -BS List Groups
  • -BS Panels
  • -BS Dropdowns
  • -BS Collapse
  • -BS Tabs/Pills
  • -BS Novar
  • -BS Forms
  • -BS Inputs
  • -BS Inputs 2
  • -BS Input Sizing
  • -BS Media Objects
  • -BS Carousel
  • -BS Modal
  • -BS Tooltip
  • -BS Popover
  • -BS Scroll spy
  • -BS Affix
  • -BS Filters
  • -Bootstrap Grids
  • -BS Grid System
  • -BS Stacked/Horizontal
  • -BS Grid Small
  • -BS Grid Medium
  • -BS Grid Large
  • -BS Grid Examples
  • -Bootstrap Themes
  • -BS Templates
  • -BS Theme "Simply Me"
  • -BS Theme "Company"
  • -BS Theme "Band"
  • -BS Examples
  • -CSS All Classes
  • -CSS Typography
  • -CSS Buttons
  • -CSS Forms
  • -CSS Helpers
  • -CSS Images
  • -CSS Tables
  • -CSS Dropdowns
  • -CSS Naves
  • -Glyph icons
  • -Bootstrap JS Ref
  • -JS Affix
  • -JS Alert
  • -JS Button
  • -JS Carousel
  • -JS Collapse
  • -JS Dropdown
  • -JS Modal
  • -JS Popover
  • -JS Scroll spy
  • -JS Tab
  • -JS Tooltip
  • -Project & Exam
  • -Class End